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Undercover detective in the workplace in Athens Greece

Undercover Assignments In The Workplace


The most fundamental thing we as Agents need to carry out is to be able to fit into the workplace and to convincingly play the role of an employee. It is, therefore, imperative to obtain the overall purpose of the investigation, along with the procedures and qualifications to do the job. Once we are strategically placed we are to observe the running's of the business and to log and report back our findings on employees, business partners, working associates and working activities. Such an undercover assignment can determine the cause and nature of stock losses, workplace misconduct or breaches of security. 

Mystery Shopping Services


Employees in social events and places are at the forefront representing your company. Unfortunately, some do not always live up to their obligations, which can lose your existing and potential customers. Left unchecked could cost you huge amounts of revenue. They can steal your money and assets and ruin your reputation. WPE Investigators have experience in working with retail clients', such as concessions in shops, restaurants, bars, hotels, clubs, leisure centers and much more.

Mystery shopping private detective in Athens Greece
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