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We Will
  • At all times provide professional expert advice in a discreet and trustworthy manner. 


  • Present you with clear and concise information pertaining to your case enquiry, including services we have to offer, fees and charges.


  • Determine your individual or company requirements before recommending a particular service.


  • Ensure your requirements and needs are looked after, before, during and upon completion of your investigation.


  • Ensure you will receive documented written reports promptly along with video or photographic evidence.


  • Complete all agreed assignments competently and sufficiently fulfilling our clients' needs and expectations.


How You Can Help Us
  • Tell us exactly what it is you are looking for?


  • Provide us with all the material facts, no matter how small or insignificant you may think they are, as every piece of information will help us to gain a better insight into your request whilst providing you with the most appropriate advice and service.


  • Let us know if there is any part of our service we have discussed or recommended that you do not understand.


  • Let us know if you think there are ways we can improve our services.​


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