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Workers injury surveillance investigation in Greece

How can we help if a client suspects that the claimant has provided false information or is not qualified to receive benefits?


WPE Investigators will conduct a short surveillance to see if we can detect any contradictory evidence to support your suspicions. This may be carried out in a number of ways depending on the case, for example, we can discreetly canvass the neighbors for information relating to the claimant's activities. We can also watch for signs of activity such as leaving the house for work or going out in the evenings. Depending on what is discovered will determine whether or not our short surveillance will turn into a full surveillance which requires more evidence over a period of time.  

WPE Investigations will gather the facts, intelligence, and evidence needed to defend any Insurance Fraud Claim.

One of the foundations of WPE is our long-standing custom of providing investigative brilliance to insurance companies. Our insurance claims investigations include Disability Activity Checks, Background Checks, Alive & Well Checks and Workers Compensation Checks.


Due to the progressive demand for high liability foreign claims in Greece, we continue to help many Insurance Adjusters and Defence Lawyers across the globe seeking Insurance Fraud Claims Investigations. 

Insurance surveillance holiday investigation in Greece

We can travel anywhere in Greece

No matter where in Greece...WPE Investigators will produce results and information you can rely on. We will accumulate the data and evidence needed to justify your claims decisions.

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