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Client Privacy Protection

A Private Investigator understands the importance of planning a surveillance making sure the job is carried out reasonably and lawfully.

What is Surveillance?


Covert surveillance is the monitoring of the behaviour activities usually of individuals, groups, and places. Surveillance is intrusive and can become a problem to someone who is not adapt to the laws of privacy and this is why an experienced private investigator is one of the most effective ways to observe a person or an object of enquiry as they tend to be trained for a long time in the field of surveillance. They are extremely capable of finding leads and evidence to support any claim or case. Furthermore good private investigators have access to specialised equipment, such as low light infrared cameras for night vision, vehicle monitoring, two-way cameras, and mirrors. In some cases, it is required to customise equipment to suit a particular job. 


WPE Agent on foot survellance
WPE Agent on stationary surveillance
Car surveillance Greece
WPE Agent using long range camera in surveillance opertion


Here are some of the most popular needs for covert surveillance: 


  • Corporate and business surveillance

  • Corporate espionage 

  • Company/employee theft

  • Surveillance Investigation of fraud

  • Insurance claims surveillance

  • Surveillance Investigating drug or alcohol abuse

  • Adolescence surveillance

  • Infidelity surveillance

  • Clarification on a person's activities and contacts

  • Search and find a person's place of work/home address 

  • Anti-social behavior

  • Nuisance neighbours

  • Benefits claims

  • Absenteeism

  • Moonlighting 

  • Theft


WPE Investigators use correct surveillance equipment consisting of photographic and video cameras, vehicle tracking devices, and a comprehensive range of listening equipment along with top surveillance professionals' to obtain and deliver enough evidence to support your claim or case.

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