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Anytime, Any Place, Anywhere

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There are lots of choices when it comes to hiring a good Private Investigator in Greece. What makes WPE Investigators different? Why choose us? 


WPE Investigations is the only 'Female run Private Investigator Service' specialising in helping overseas client's seeking investigative assistance in Athens and anywhere in Greece.


We serve a range of clients from private individuals, small businesses owners, multinationals, corporate and VIP. Our female Agents each possess a combination of talents to assist you in various fields of private investigative services. With over 20 years experience in the industry, a database of intelligent resources, determination, dedication, and flexibility our Female Investigation team can give you a better chance of success.



Working It Better In Greece

Our clients have chosen us to handle their cases not just because we speak their language, but because we adopt the western approach to doing business in Greece; meeting deadlines, saving you time, money and frustration when it comes to getting through the language barrier and the Greek bureaucracy of which many international clients have unpleasantly experienced.

Listening Skills

We take the time to listen to your needs and understand your business to ensure our case solutions will be effective. We believe listening is the key foundation to creating successful outcomes and successful relationships.  

Small Enough To Listen, Big Enough To Deliver

We're a relatively small team but work within a large network of professional operatives and database resources. This way we are able to take more care and ultimately spend more time with each and every assignment we undertake. Operating within our limits means we never lose control of our client's needs or by taking on more than we can possibly handle at any given time. Our philosophy is not to concentrate on numbers, but to concentrate on each individual case bringing about the best possible solutions and results for our clients'. 


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