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WPE Investigations offer Investigative Assistance and Support to 'INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS' in the Legal Profession, Corporations, Insurance Companies and the General Public seeking Investigative assistance in ATHENS and all around GREECE.


Whether you are an individual worried about infidelity in your relationship or a Lawyer in need of litigation support, WPE Private Investigators will do everything to assist you as we distinctly recognise a client's objective and focus on the most conducive and effective solutions, acquiring the information you need as fast and efficiently as possible.

We're well equipped to handle most types of cases that come our way. Get in touch for a free private consultation today.


Private investigations

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Private Investigator

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We are only as good as what our clients think about us

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"Ladies, I was very happy with your answer, good! You had responded very quickly to my unusual request, you were very fast. I will be using your services again when the extra research is needed! Thank you"


(TV Production company), Rome, Italy.

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